Odisha water resources seem to be integral part of the Economy of Odisha. Odisha is blessed with an abundant water resources which is unevenly distributed throughout the length and breadth of the territory.
Odisha is endowed with water in abundance. The state is drained by an extensive network of streams and rivers. All the rivers including some great interstate rivers like Mahanadi, Brahmani, Suvarnrekha flow into the Bay of Bengal. The major river basins of Odisha are Suvarnrekha, Baitarani, Budhabalanga, Brahmani, Mahanadi, Rushikulya, Vansadhara, Bahuda, Indrabati, Nagabali and Kolab. The average annual availability of surface water resources in Odisha, according to a survey, is 120.397 BCM. The total amount of water that is generated from the rivers and streams of Odisha is about 82.841 BCM: inflow from the neighboring states generate about 37.556 BCM. A study reveals that about 75% of the annual flow is utilized in Odisha. Mahanadi River Basin covers maximum catchment area of 65628 sq.km having a length of 494 Km in Odisha. Second major river basin is Brahmani basin having 22516 Sq.Km of catchment area in Odisha. Similarly third major river basin is Baitarani Basin having 13482 Sq.Km of catchment area in Odisha.

Major irrigation projects in Odisha established in river basins namely Hirakud, Rengali, Balimela, Upper Kolab, Indrabati, Jalaput and Salandi. The total irrigation potential created so far from all sources is about 2.76 million hectares by 2007-08.
Furthermore, the natural recharge of the ground water in Odisha results through the percolation of rain water. Out of the 2.101 million hactre-mt of ground water resource, about 60% is usable and safe.

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Water Resources Map of Orissa

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